Sunshine Sailing, for a little while anyway

Well … I guess there can be some blue sky up there after all. I’m so sick of the gray overcast we’ve been looking at for the past forever. And there was a bit of breeze, too. What a pleasure it was yesterday to spend some time scrubbing on Tween’r and then go for a sail. I took a piece for the wind to fill in, but once it did, it made for a great afternoon sail.

Quite a few folks got the itch and went sailing too. It is always great to see the Lasers out for their Icebreaker winter series. And yes, if you can pick it out, there is a rouge Finn  muddying up the class as well.

Crowther 33 "Pigs Fly 2"

I hope to keep the camera at the ready more often as I missed several opportunities to grab a few Happy Snaps. I did, however, remember the old Lumix was down below as soon as I saw the huge a-spinnaker of Pigs Fly 2, Bruce Barton’s Crowther 33, open and fill. As I look at the above, I’m just now noticing how Bruce has  his tack line sheeted toward the starboard ama for better downhill angles.  Looks smart. Anyway, here are a couple more.

Crowther 33 "Pigs Fly 2"

Crowther 33 "Pigs Fly 2"

It was all sunshine and thin white clouds for the better part of the afternoon, then the Fenderpalooza showed up–BLess Him— and the sky began to darken with more rain clouds. It was good while it lasted, though.

Fenderpalooza!Kirk Out!



Oar Creek Marker One at Winder Point

Well, we finally made it: 1070+. The lake is back to full pool with a few drops in the bank. With the lake back to over 1070 that actually puts us at more than 3 feet above the 58 year average. We have been netting 3.79 gallons for every gallon released at the dam. That’s a gain of 1,608,036,398 gallons a day. At that rate we will be banking some more. Whoop! Whoop!

So, okay … it can stop raining now. That includes all the yucky, wet, foggy conditions we have been seeing for the past few weeks. Personally, I’m sick of it. I know we need the rain, but crap. Hell … I need to work on the boat, or even better, go sailing. Yeah … I like the latter.


SailLanier Back Online

SailLanier.com has been around since 2006, although incognito for the past five. Here you will find news and information regarding the sailing life on Georgia’s Lake Lanier. You will also find much of what you came to expect for so many years: Perfectly Pointless Commentary, Sarcasm, Satire, Happy Snaps, and Yes … The Dreaded Fenderpalooza!

So, you may ask, why are you breathing life back into the site now?

Well … The answer is easy. Because it’s time and I miss it.

When I sold our Catalina 30, JoyRide, to begin our adventures in Port St. Joe, Florida, it was the best decision of my life. It still is. Nothing can replace what has been found on that Forgotten Coast. It is where I call home. But, as time passed, it became clear that something was missing: Sailing. I miss it so. I miss single-handing a boat in a stiff breeze to clear my head. I miss racing. I miss dropping a hook in a cove with friends. I miss everything, even exposing and sharing my thoughts on SailLanier. Whether you like them or not.

"Tween'r" 1978 Ericson 27 #1281Well … I’ve taken the first steps in fixing all of this. I bought a boat. A forty-year-old 1978 Ericson 27. We will call her Tween’r as she will serve our sailing needs while we shop for the last forever boat. Is there ever such a thing? So … you know what that means … You better get those fucking fenders in, because the camera will always be on the boat.

There will be no big announcement, only a soft launch and hopefully the word of mouth will serve our purposes. So … we are back, so you better watch yours.

The Jockell

Lanier Sailors prepare for first Open Regatta of 2018

UYC’s HRB 02/03/2018

It’s a new year and the beginning of a new sailing season that never really ends. There may be a short intermission between Christmas and New Years’s Day, but for the most part the sailors of Lanier never give in to the chill of winter.

As is tradition, the University Yacht Club will kick things off with their annual Hot Ruddered Bum Open Regatta. Mark your calendars. The one day regatta is set for Saturday February 3rd, 2018. Registration is only $20.00 which includes one meal ticket. Additional meal tickets are only $10.00. Learn more with the Notice of Race.